Tales of Tsushima (Side Quests) – Ghost of Tsushima Guide

Tales of Tsushima (Side Quests) – Ghost of Tsushima Guide

Tales of Tsushima (Side Quests) – Ghost of Tsushima Guide

Ghost of Tsushima features various side quests, known as Tales of Tsushima, that can be found all over the island. By exploring and talking to villagers,

Ishikawa’s Tale (All Side Missions)(Hard Difficulty) – Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4kahSgkPUUob2cDpflCNPx86koK13kW0

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All Side Quest Tales of Iki Island (Friend to All Raiders Trophy Guide) – Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima All Trophy Guide & Walkthrough Playlist:

Friend to All Raiders (Complete all Tales of Iki)

00:00 1/7 – The Ghots of Iki Island
00:59 2/7 – The Impact of Loss
03:00 3/7 – Caretakers of the Eagle
06:05 4/7 – Troubled Waters
07:00 5/7 – Bloodletting
08:53 6/7 – A Mother’s Law
10:51 7/7 – A Helping Hand


GHOST OF TSUSHIMA All Mythic Quests (Mythic Tales) PS4 PRO 1080p HD

GHOST OF TSUSHIMA All Mythic Quests (Mythic Tales) PS4 PRO 1080p HD

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Heavenly Strike – 00:00
Legend of Tadayori – 30:52
Curse of Uchitsune – 50:34
The Unbreakable Gosaku – 01:06:39
The Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance – 02:08:11
Six Blades of Kojiro – 02:24:32
Undying Flame – 02:51:11

There are 7 Mythic Tales. These missions are very good and the gear and abilities your learn are worth it. We edited it more like a walkthrough for this one, but did cut out a lot of the unnecessary walking to the next location. But actual gameplay we left fully intact. This was played on normal difficulty. We hope you enjoy! Legendary battles await: golden axe videos online engage.

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