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Calm and Relaxing Music from the Dark Cloud Series

This music mix is dedicated to one of my best friends Storm, she loves the dark cloud series so much and I wanted to share this underated series’ gem of a soundtrack! Relax and take care!

0:00 – Matatagi Village (Dark Cloud)
1:42 – Norune Village (Dark Cloud)
3:16 – Reminiscence (Dark Cloud)
5:02 – Garden of Memories (Dark Cloud 2)
6:53 – The Spirit King (Dark Cloud)
8:20 – Kazarov Stonehedge (Dark Cloud 2)
9:45 – Veniccio (Dark Cloud 2)
11:07 – A Sinking Ship (Dark Cloud)
12:12 – Departure (Dark Cloud)
14:11 – Rainbow Butterfly Woods (Dark Cloud 2)
15:15 – Open Your Eyes (Dark Cloud)
16:20 – Unfulfilled Wishes (Dark Cloud 2)
17:57 – Blaunpou (Dark Cloud)
19:15 – The Land of Hope (Dark Cloud)
20:17 – Lunatic Wisdom Laboratory (Dark Cloud 2)
22:15 – Demon Shaft (Dark Cloud)
23:55 – Balance Valley (Dark Cloud 2)
26:00 – Stella Magic Temple (Dark Cloud 2)
27:20 – Cave of Dran (Dark Cloud)
28:30 – Peace of the World (Dark Cloud 2)
29:35 – Shifting Windows (Dark Cloud 2)
31:24 – Charlotte (Dark Cloud 2)
32:16 – Broken Orgel Promise (Dark Cloud)
33:10 – Owl Forest (Dark Cloud)
35:03 – Calm Moment (Dark Cloud 2)
36:22 – Aero Drop (Dark Cloud)
38:06 – At the Station (Dark Cloud 2)
38:59 – Factory (Dark Cloud)
40:33 – Memories (Dark Cloud)
41:47 – Tree Spirit Jurak (Dark Cloud 2)
43:22 – Stella Valley (Dark Cloud 2)
44:52 – Dim Light (Dark Cloud 2)
46:46 – [*Repeat Tracklist*]

Art by Fancy-gay-bird on Tumblr (https://www.google.com/amp/s/fancy-gay-bird.tumblr.com/post/144241808118/ca-2010-from-dark-cloud-this-game-was-really/amp)

PS2 Longplay [058] Dark Cloud (part 01 of 11)


Played by: Tsunao

Action RPG by Level-5.

Doods release a genie from an urn. Said genie destroys everything in the world. One kid is given the task to restore the world by going SimCity!

The game is pretty simple: go to an area, go into the dungeon, delve deep into the dungeon while opening Atla, return to surface and go SimCity! Dungeon segments are dungeon crawly, what with random floor layouts. They are also pretty simple: slash/shoot/pound some random mook until you find the Gate Key. Use it to go to the next floor. Defeating enemies allow you to upgrade your weapons. Meeting the requirements for a weapon allows you to build-up the weapon into a more powerful weapon. On the subject of weapons: no Weapon HP = broken weapon. It is NOT fun having your best weapon break (PULL THE PLUG!). Oh, and this game’s localization has all sorts of bad grammar and what-not. -_- But I forgive it since this is a fun game.

This longplay tries to do everything while spamming the Menu to switch weapons and what-not to level up weapons (and Dran Feathers). I get all Georama pieces (for some, you HAVE to get all Georama pieces.) and fulfill the requests while trying to make a place look pretty. I also tackle the post-game dungeon: the Demon Shaft (100 floors of toughness. I should’ve invested in Poisonous Apples). Don’t mind any weapon inconsistencies. That what happens when you Synthbreak and fish (which, by the way, this longplay lacks.). If there’s anything that looks like long loading, blame loading an ISO through Network. It isn’t all that bad, really. Since I was too lazy to edit, expect to see said loading, no advancing on Atla opening or chest opening, and MAYBE the Pause screen. I don’t have time to go through 34 hours of footage to edit it out. At least I took care of screen transition editing…or so I think. I also missed a chest in Queens (near the submarine). It is nothing special, really. (Sea Killer)

Xiao is all kinds of cuteness! –
Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

Обзор Dark Cloud Одна из первых JRPG на пс2. Стоит ли играть в 2022.

Обзор Dark Cloud Одна из первых JRPG на пс2. Стоит ли играть в 2022.

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